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The company specializes in the development and implementation of holistic brand and marketing concepts.


Thanks to many years of experience the makers and the team behind Beringer Marketing have extensive, in-depth knowledge and a broad, international network.


For us, branding is more than just defining the classic four P's and developing a communication strategy from them.


“Branding” is above all the creation of a particularly

valuable fifth P: Passion .


And it is important to express this noticeably in all its facets. Be it in a brand, a product, an event or a service.


Passion is part of our DNA. That is what sets us apart.


Aktuelle Arbeiten

Supercircus Radio - The radio station for musicians: inside and fans.

With Supercircus Radio, a nationally licensed radio station from Leipzig is now launching a creative 24/7 broadcast program that offers clear potential for musicians.

Behind the slogan: "Your song. Dein Radio.” is more than just the prospect of a varied music program with well-known world hits and selected national and international “delicacies” for music lovers of all genres.


"Your song. Your radio.” is the remarkable offer for all musicians and producers to present their musical works on the nationwide/European Supercircus radio stage.

Sommer 2022

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Radio de ICON


Showreel Fan-Shirt | CITY OF HEROES 2023 | Instagram

Animiertes Shirt | 3-D | Instagram-Format 1080 x 1920 | 24 FPS | 60 Sek.

Entwurf | Umsetzung | Programmierung | Animation: Beringer Marketing