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Boutique. Holidays on the Goitzsche

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"Welcome to your new Artists.Boutique.Domizil."

We look forward to seeing you.

For more details and appointment requests, just give us a call or send us an email.

With over 20 square kilometers of water, the Goitzsche is an ideal recreational area.

The holiday area "Schlossterrassen" is located on the west bank directly on the lake with a sandy beach in front of the door.

The invisible, park-like garden invites you to relax on the sun lounger. Or simply enjoy an undisturbed, extensive breakfast in the large outdoor lounge.

Experience an unforgettable sailing tour.

Sailing - bathing - sunbathing - and anchoring in the bay before you go to a culinary highlight in the "Seensucht".

In addition, a cool rubber dinghy with a powerful electric outboard motor is available to our guests.

The holiday home offers super-fast WiFi as well as all the amenities expected of an Artists.Boutique.Domizil.

And the privacy of our guests is always our top priority.

Of course, we offer a pick-up service to and from Leipzig Airport, which is approx. 25 minutes away.

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